El Cotillo

El Cotillo (Pronounced El Coateeyo) is a small, peaceful fishing village located on the island of Fuerteventura, 45 minutes from the airport in the north west of the island. Village life is centred around the small working harbour where you will find a selection of bars and restaurants in a beautiful picturesque setting.

The resort is fast gaining in popularity, mainly due to its fabulous beaches and lagoons, which lie to the south of the village and in the proximity to our apartment. Like it or not, El Cotillo looks set to become the newest tourist resort on the island. The main reason for this has to be those fantastic beaches and lagoons.

The beautiful Playa del Castillo can be accessed by several footpaths from the village. More to the south one can find the remote and wild natural beaches of Playa del Ajibe de la Cueva and Playa del Aguila.

This area is surfer and windsurfer paradise and is infamous for its monster waves; it's definitely for the most experienced surfers and even swimmers need to stay out of the water unless conditions look calm.
Here one can find nothing but steely blue sky, dark blue ocean with white foam, and fine white sand.
This is truly the surfing and windsurfing Mecca of the island.
During the winter time the swell can be so huge that on very rare occasions the waves break over the new El Cotillo harbour wall.
These monster waves have even been known to sink some of the small fishing boats that were moored there. Many experienced surfers head to the beaches of El Cotillo and those between El Cotillo and Corralejo because of these conditions

Most of the beaches can be reached by car and then on foot, but beware take a picnic and lots of water, as majority of these beaches do not have any bars and restaurants.

Places of interest
On the cliff top, just a short stroll from the village is the Fortaleza del Toston, This round shaped fort was built in the late 1790's to defend against invading pirates. Our apartment is located in front of this site.

The Museum of Ethnography and the Casa de la Cilla in Betancuria exhibit some of the wonderful arts and crafts that Fuerteventura is famous for.

Eating out
Head to the bars next to our apartment. La Ballena offers spectacular tapas and drinks while pizzeria Giulietta&Romeo serves pizza you won't forget. One might also go to the old harbour where there are also some delightful bars and restaurants to choose from.

Although not essential, car hire is recommended. The roads are very quiet and easygoing and offer some nice routes to explore the island.

There is a reliable bus service from the village to Corralejo, the main resort in the North.

The climate of Fuerteventura, as with the rest of the Canary Islands, is generally pleasant all year round. The island can be prone to high winds; its name translated literally means Strong Fortune, or Strong Wind. During the summer months temperatures can reach up to 35 degrees, and in the winter rarely drop below 18 degrees.

So Keep Calm and go to Cotillo